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arutlus rahvamälust

kommentaarid 1918a pandeemia kohta ja miks sellest eriti ei räägita

"Then, after it was over, no one wanted to talk about it, so it became lost in history."
It was so painful, they didn't want to speak of losing loved ones, or the bodies in the streets, doctors making housecalls and finding all had died,
(or, the people who hadn't lost anyone, or were born later, didn't want to hear about it; so depressing?)
so, between the war dead, the PTSD soldiers and the PTSD populace, wonder why people thought outlawing alcohol would solve some societal problems? Maybe they confused the symptom for the problem?
Very interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roaring_twenties
does not even *mention* the Spanish flu pandemic!
Only keeps referring to "the end of WWI"

- history is written by who, taught by who, remembered by who, of interest to who?
Humans don't pass things along as carefully as perhaps they should.

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