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Planning for a disaster on our doorstep

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paar lõiku:

.. we're overdue a serious flu epidemic, and when it arrive we're all going to know about it.

.. flu already kills 3,000 people across the UK each year and if it mutates into a superstrain scientists predict it will take them at least six months to come up with an effective vaccine.

.. We can't close our doors on it, either. It's been estimated that even if we were able to lock and bolt 99 per cent of the entry points to the county and pull up the drawbridge, it would only delay the arrival of the sneaky virus by a maximum of 10 days.

.. He's keen to increase public awareness of what risks we face, and what they can do if the worst comes to the worst. "If more people are able to help themselves, the emergency services will be able to concentrate on the vulnerable people who cannot," he said.

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