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level 0 - ei ole pandeemiat

tavaline igapäevariskide olukord siis

Level 0 - No Pandemic.

This level represents the basic emergency preparations that any person should make in anticipation of adverse events occuring. Thus such potential hazards as Hurricane, Earthquake, Flood, Blizzard, Major Trucking Strike, Serious personal or family illness all carry with them the possibility that you may need to provide for your own needs for a limited period of time. Such needs may include backup lighting, water, medicines and food for a period of several days. If you live in a cold climate, emergency means of heating may also apply.

For a level 0 preparation, you should assume a period of at least 3 days in which you will be on your own, and provision accordingly. In a level 0 situation, you can also assume that normal societal support structures will resume after a few days of emergency.

From my previous posting, it should be obvious that while level 0 denotes no pandemic flu is present, it does not mean one should not prepare. The preparations which one should undertake for level 0 are those that would be needed to make it through any reasonable emergency situation. The supplies and provisions one sets aside must be tailored to their individual circumstances and means.

The areas of planning one needs to visit include Food and Water, maintenance medicines, family communications plans (how do you get in touch with spouse, children, parents, etc in the event things happen quickly), shelter, warmth and cooling, and any special needs one may have.

Basically, one should sit down and examine their daily life and determine everything they need on a normal day to function normally, and then provide themselves with a reserve supply sufficient for at least 3 days. (I personally prefer a week, but 3 days is adequate as a starting point). This includes items such as prescription medicines, a battery TV or radio, flashlight and batteries, toiletries, changes of clothing…….

With the exception of extra water and some of the other pieces of hardware, this level should not oblige you to purchase, stock or carry anything more than you would otherwise already have, unless you are living so close to the edge that you need to re-examine your lifestyle anyway.

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