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progressiivne Uus-Meremaa planeerib juba orbude paigutamist ..

Uus-Meremaa on ikka teistest riikidest mitu penikoormat ees oma ettevalmistustega :D
alles oli uudis, et massihaudade asukohad on välja valitud, täna on siis uudis, et orbude majutust planeeritakse..

Hundreds of children left parentless in a flu pandemic would be housed in makeshift orphanages in community halls or maraes, Child, Youth and Family (CYF) says.
Details of CYF's plan for coping with extra orphans comes as New Zealand health chiefs confirmed a bird flu pandemic was inevitable. link


CYF quality assurance general manager Bernadine MacKenzie said the department estimated 200 children would be orphaned when both parents died, and 800 more would need alternate care because one parent had died and other caregivers were critically ill.

The first option for orphans would be placing them with CYF-approved family, friends or foster parents, but with many people unlikely to want children who had been exposed to the virus, other options were needed, MacKenzie said.

It was likely CYF would create orphanages in community buildings such as empty schools, town halls or maraes, she said.

These orphanages would be manned by CYF workers, although staff numbers were expected to be well down, with a predicted 50 per cent of employees either dead, ill or caring for sick members of their family.

MacKenzie said social workers dressed in masks, gloves and aprons would continue to go into homes to investigate critical cases of suspected child abuse.

The draft report into CYF's flu pandemic plans would be finished next month, she said.

Acting director of New Zealand public health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said that while authorities did not know when there would be a bird flu pandemic, an outbreak was inevitable.

Bloomfield said New Zealand was following the advice of the World Health Organisation and preparing for an outbreak.

This included sending information to every home in New Zealand.

jahaa .. millal Eesti sinnani jõuab? :D

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