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soome saun kui gripiravi

linnugripifoorumis arutavad soome sauna kasulikkuse üle

teemat alustas soomlane järgmiste soovitustega:

Heat your Sauna to 120 C at the level of your to rest.
1. Lay down, give no water to the stove, lift your feet to the roof and relax, take in 10-15 minutes of heat.
2. Sit up frow some water on the stove, breath freely, inhale the steam. Repeat 5 times.
3. Go out relax end enjoy the cool
4. Go back try to have the heat at roof top at around 100c and top bench at 87-95 and start steaming it.
5. Try to keep your body temperature hot, remember your lungs can take it but the virus cant.
6. Enjoy and have a lemonade, beer or some clean water.

ameeriklaste kommentaarid sellele:

* This sounds like some kind of suicide option.

* I was an exchange student in Finland when I was 16. You guys are nuts. You forgot to mention, after sitting in a sauna for a while and hitting yourself with a switch. Then, for kicks, tell the stupid american to jump into the rinse pool. Conveniently chilled to 2 degrees Kelvin, (at least my testicles told me it was 2 kelvin). they had to pull me out; of course they could barely see me through their tears of laughter. No wonder the Russians were stopped by the Finnish army all by themselves. You guys are nuts.

* Water boils at 100°C. How can a person tolerate 120°C for 10-15 minutes???

seevastu norrakas kommenteerib vastu: You mean in Finland you didn't get to go outside (-35 deg) and roll in the snow in your own personal steam cloud as we did in Norway!.......... it snaps you out of it!!! From memory, Sauna was and still is the 1st line of defence for colds and Flu in Scandinavia!!!!!!!!

(kes ei mäleta kooliprogrammist, mis on Kelvin, siis: Unit of temperature equal in size to the Celsius degree, but with the zero set by the absolute zero of temperature, -273.15°C. Ice freezes at 273 K, room temperature is about 293 K, and water boils at 373 K, at sea level. human body temperature is 310 K. Nii et 2 kelvinit oli ilukirjanduslik liialdus )

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