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ülevaade pandeemiaohust -powerpoint

päris huvitav ppt ettekanne: link
ja sealt alla laadida siis PowerPoint Presentations - Overview of the Pandemic
mh küsitleti hulka eksperte ja tehti kokkuvõte nende arvamustest

mõnede slaidide tekst:

What are the most important consequences of a worst-case outbreak other than morbidity and mortality?
* Commerce disruption - transportation, communications, bankruptcy, economic depression

* Health care disruption - hospital overload, shortage of staff, shortage of supplies

* Food shortages - famine, disruption of supplies to the poor, deaths from shortages

* Public safety disruption - lawlessness, violence, public panic

* Political unrest - loss of trust in government, wars over shortages, rise in fascism, global terrorism

* Social fabric disruption - hHuman suffering and loss, migration

* Long-term effects - demographic, psychological

Summary of consensus predictions:
* How likely is a pandemic? 15% of experts; 60% of “experts” believe there will be a pandemic within 3 years; nearly 90% think there will be a pandemic in our children or our grandchildren’s lifetimes
* How many people will become ill in such a pandemic, worldwide? 650 million to 2.8 billion
* What will be the case-fatality rate? 3 to 7%
* How many people will die in this pandemic? 25 million to 165 million
* Will we have sufficient vaccine when a pandemic begins? Nearly all experts say no.
* Will we have sufficient anti-virals when a pandemic begins? Nearly all experts say no.
* The non medical social costs of a pandemic may well exceed the costs due directly to morbidity and mortality.

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