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veel Oprahist ja Osterholmist

nobedad inimesed teevad märkmeid saate ajal ..
(he=Osterholm, she=Oprah)

paar huvitavamat lõiku

If the bird flu is anything like the 1918 pandemic, the highest death rates could actually be "those between the ages of 20 and 40." "In the months of September and October of 1918, 7 percent of the residents of Boston between 20 and 40 years of age died," he says.

How could individuals in the prime of their health be so susceptible to a disease? "It turns out that this virus multiplies very quickly in your body," Dr. Osterholm explains. "The people who have the healthiest immune systems are the ones that succumb to the virus because the immune system goes into overdrive."

The demographic least likely to survive the 1918 pandemic were pregnant women, Dr. Osterholm says. "Fifty-five percent of all pregnant women died from having this flu virus. There is no more precarious time in a healthy person's immune system, than [when they are] pregnant. Part of you says, 'Get rid of that [baby]. It's not all me.' And part of you says, 'This is the most precious cargo I'll ever carry. Protect it.'" This confusion makes bird flu extremely dangerous for pregnant women.
(ja ta jättis mainimata, et kuigi 45% haigestunud rasedadest jäi ise elama, siis loodetest ei jäänud praktiliselt keegi ellu)

Pandemics can last for up to two years, and since many of our medical supplies are shipped from overseas sources, Dr. Osterholm predicts that America will run out of masks, prescription drugs and other necessities before the threat is over.

Like the people of New Orleans learned, this is not the time to panic and feel hopelessness. It's the time to be prepared.
"What we have to do for pandemic flu preparedness is better prepare our world to get the living through it, the sick through it, and then come out the other end as well as we possibly can," Dr. Osterholm says. "That's the difference between being hopeless and hopeful. We're going to come out the other end…it's how well we can come out the other end."

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