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kuidas end desinfitseerida, kui oled sunnitud vahepeal kodust lahkuma pandeemia ajal
Fluwikie foorumist, hea jutt, vääris arhiveerimist :D

It is the “middle” of the pandemic. You’re having a Jack day and you have to bug out. Hmmm. H-H going on big-time and you just have to get to the store/drug store/home depot/relatives etc. I don’t think the question is what you bring with you, but what do I do in order to keep my home virus free when I get back? First, don’t go. Ok, you have to go. Don’t go. You went anyway. Have a key in your pocket for your car and your house – no key chains etc. Before you leave setup a plastic tray with a bleach solution and put it on the ground somewhere near your car. Setup a second one on a surface that is nonporous with sponges etc. Put permanent marks a lot pen on the table. Setup an outside shower with a hose of mixed/hot cold water hanging from above and put a shower curtain around it. Setup lots of soap there. Stand on a skid or other way for the water to drain away from you. Setup a second outdoor black hanging bag shower with a bleach solution in it. Setup a 55 gal drum with holes drilled in the bottom away from the house. Have a bag with stick matches available and some things to get a fire started. Dress in a full body rain gear with rubber boots, rubber gloves, surgical under gloves, swimming goggles, n95 face mask, hood up, and breath very shallow. Make sure the mask fits. Go do your thing you should not ever have had to. Touch only with your hands while you are out. Think about it. Go slow. Be deliberate. Consider the car you drove in to be contaminated. Consider everything you wear to be contaminated. Consider everything you bring back to be contaminated. Exit your car. Step in the bleach tray and use your gloves to clean your boots. Take one bag at a time and empty the contents on your table (or whatever you got). Remove the label and place it in the bag. Clean your gloves first and then clean the can with a bleach solution. Mark it with whatever information you want. Let it dry. Take all paper and bring it to your 55 gal drum and burn it. Remove your mask and burn it. Move to your first shower of bleach. Take a bleach shower and clean all the plastic as best as you can. Hang it up near your shower. Remove all your stuff and take a shower in the water shower. Put on some clean clothes/shoes etc. Get in the place where you can be isolated for 3 to 9 days stocked with food and heat etc. Have someone from the inside of your house get into a second pair of rubber boots and get a spray bottle of concentrated bleach solution. Spray the entire floor area and everything that was touched by you before. Now they can gather up what you went out for and be sure to step into the beach solution as you enter. I am sure I missed something…and it is fatal. Last thing…Don’t go. After your period of isolation you can rejoin your family. Don’t go.


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