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lk 107-130
otsene jutt levikust, lindudest, ravimitest - aga puudutab ehk rohkem planeerijaid kui lihtinimesi :D
seega, ei viitsi kopeerida, kel vaja või huvi loeb ise :)

lisatud: foorumis keegi noppis olulisemad faktid välja
* says it was in 15 countries in the first of Dec.
* Virologist in Hong Kong states, "Avian flu virus can be found in most poultry markets in China".
* DOD purchased 24 million capsules of Tamiflu 15 million of which were to be delivered Dec. 15. 5mill to be delivered 28, Fed.
* They (DOD or Department of Defense) have also bought 10% of all known Relenza supplies.
* Ms. Embry (unknown person who evidently works for the Bush admin.) says their first priority is protecting our forces and the second is keeping business between countries alive. She also states that they are walking a tightrope re: what their position should be in protecting the public and their international partners happy. And balancing the other priorities. Fairly straightforward speech in my estimation. The American public wasn't as high on the list as I would like to have seen.
* 20% of pediatric patients develop a resistance to Tamiflu

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