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ettevalmistused infra katkestusteks

Flu WIki kogumik, millised elementaarsed ;) asjad võivad puududa äärmuslikes olukordades

elekter, valgus, sidesüsteemid, lõbustus, küte, vesi, toit, transport, isiklik hügieen

all else flows from electricity: heat, food preparation, communications, lighting, computing, entertainment
DC to AC inverter to use car as generator (not in a closed space: CO poisoning) as long as there is gasoline; have a self-contained jumpstarter on hand in case you run down your car battery
5 gallon (bright red) fuel can full, stabilized with Sta-Bil (a double dose keeps it fresh 2 years), stored carefully, protected, away from the house; date it
Consider a backup solar system with battery array

Battery-operated LED lanterns for ambient light
Solar battery charger (solar and LED gear: http://store.sundancesolar.com)
If you use candles or candle lantern, be careful as they are a fire hazard
Hand-crank or shake flashlights
LED lightbulbs (standard base) 2 or 4 watt, if you have limited backup electricity like solar/wind/batteries

Radio: hand cranked or battery-powered, solar battery charger; XM satellite radio has a 24/7 emergency channel, consider getting a receiver
TV: small portable TV with multiple power options (assuming TV stations are up and running)

active: phones, internet, loud whistle
Roll of quarters, prepaid phone card for pay phones (locate them in your area)
Have at least one old-style low-power telephone (not cordless) that can function without electricity
Prepare and carry a laminated card with all important contact information
Obtain a cellphone if you don’t already have one; learn how to send/receive text messages on your cellphone; familiarize yourself with wireless data capabilities of phone
Manual cell phone charger like Sidewinder
For internet when there is no electricity: use battery-powered laptop; recharge via car/DC-AC inverter or portable solar panel

Books, games, musical instruments
Battery-operated DVD and CD players

Natural gas:

Close off unused areas of house; seal off with plastic and duct tape; cover walls and floors with rugs and blankets;
Fireplace with reflector or wood stove; fleece clothing
Emergency heating: Coleman Catalytic Heater and lots of 1 lb propane canisters (3/day)

Cooking and hot water:
Barbecue with briquettes or coal (must be used with proper ventilation)
Jetboil or other camp stove such as Coleman, plus fuel cartridges
Solar cooker and solar water heater (Super solar shower, 4 gal capacity)
Grate for cooking on fireplace fire

Store about 50 gallons of potable water; consider obtaining a food grade 55 gallon water storage barrel, keep it fresh
Learn how to purify water (rolling boil for 10 minutes, use AquaPak solar sterilizer, filtration. chemical, etc) link
Obtain water purifier such as Exstream Orinoco or Exstream Mackenzie water bottle for small amounts; First Need Deluxe Portable water purifier/filter for groups (get spare cartridges)
Use swimming pool water for non-drinking uses such as washing
If water pressure drops, indicating failure, shut off master valve to avoid contamination to water in your system; then, water in hot water heater tanks can still be used

Dried and canned foods, rice and beans, food bars, trail mix, candy bars, etc
Staples such as sugar, flour, salt, pepper, spices, Parmalat or dried or canned milk
Plant fruit trees, vegetable garden
Food preservation: 5 day super-insulated coolers with wheels; unload the contents of your freezer into them as soon as power goes out; keep in cool place; consider getting a small car-sized 12 volt DC mini cooler if you have medicines requiring refrigeration

mobility may be restricted, mass transit could be hazardous, and fuel shortages are likely
Consider getting a bicycle
Safely store extra fuel (see above, under electricity)
Get car with highest MPG

Laundry, dish washing, hand washing all need hot water (see above, under natural gas)
Human waste: porta-potty, bucket with lid, or use strong trash bags duct-taped into drained (shut off water to it and then flush until empty) toilet, seal completely and dispose of after use; there are digesting enzymes and deodorants for toilet bags; use bleach solution to sterilize
Trash: compost pile for non-meat organic waste; paper can be burned if trash and recycling pickups are interrupted
Baking soda and white vinegar can serve as cleaners and deodorizers for many purposes if you run out of detergents
Moist baby wipes (unscented), Purell waterless hand sanitizer (use one with ethanol), rubber gloves

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