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oled sa valmis pandeemiaks?

If a Pandemic Strikes, ARE YOU READY? link
By Anita Manning

If you had to be on your own, in your home, for two weeks or more, what would you need to have on hand to survive? That's the question Americans should consider now, before the next flu pandemic strikes, health experts say. "If we have a pandemic, stores are going to run out of food," says Arnold Monto, an epidemiology professor at the University of Michigan. "It would be a good idea to have things available."
Michael Bell of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises families to talk about what they would need if they were told to avoid gatherings or the grocery store. "Ask 'What would we need?'" he says. "If you have a large number of children, make sure you have supplies for them on hand. If your school district decides to have people stay home from school, how is the family going to manage? Things like that are important to consider."


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