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kirjutab üks cureventsi foorumis küüslaugust ja selle viirusevastasest toimest
seda teemat võiks lausa lähemalt studeerida ..
panen selle siia rohkem selleks et ise ära ei unustaks uurimast, aga vbolla kedagi huvitab ka :)

Let me tell you why the garlic preparation for the enema is so important...it has to be uncooked because an important enzyme is killed that is very potent against virus. I am allergic to most antibiotics and I have had pneumonia a few times along with pleurisy. I tried everything under the sun to get rid of it including a plaque formula that was guaranteed to get rid of pneumonia. When two bottles of that didn't work, I was told there was only one way left and that was garlic. I said I had taken bottles of garlic but it was the fresh that had to be used because of this enzyme that dies so easily in decoctions or dried capsule form.

I processed five cloves, put honey on it and swallowed it. It worked. My son got pneumonia last month and he was smart enough to put it in a little fresh lemon and maple syrup and a very little water, (it needs to be undiluted as much as possible for a knockout punch) and it went down easily. He had to do it a second time but was well in three days.

So, for the enema, the garlic must not be prepared as decoction, (hot water poured over for tea). I mince the garlic and put it in warm water for a few hours, strain and use. My doctor told me the kidneys suck it up from the enema and it is put right into the bloodstream like a shot of anti-viral.

During the BF, I plan on using the enema if any in my family get it but I also plan on us making suntea sweetened with honey daily. I gave this to my babies who had ear infections with great results and with honey it doesn't taste bad at all. No, really...honest.

Also, I will not trust to the masks outside. We will all put a tiny sliver of it between gum and cheek. You have probably all heard the stories about people wearing a necklace of garlic during the black plaque with great results. So, yeah, if everyone does it, you don't notice the loverly aroma.

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