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kuhu paigutada toiduvarud korteris?

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I bought those bed risers for all of the beds in the house. I t really increased the amount of storage.

We have placed 2 or more buckets on each other and then topped with a round of plywood for end tables, stacked them in a large closet to the ceiling, we have underbedd storage containers also full of needed items,and we are thinking about replacing the kitchen table legs with buckets.

We got rid of our bed, built a higher platform and use the space under the bed. We can fit 3 cases of #10 cans high. There is quite a lot of space under there! You can also make a kitchen table, coffee table, end tables out of stacked cases of food, just throw a nice tablecloth over it, and it looks fine.

Do you have high ceilings? If so, consider dropping them a bit with a false ceiling and store things up there.

The first thing to do is to step back and really look at your rooms. Think wall shelves, corner shelves, clear plastic boxes stacked for toys, etc., and/or baskets, boxes, netting, and so on. There is always lost space at the top of closets; room for a shelf or two. There is also often wasted space at the bottom of closets.
The space saving organization of current possessions will help free up space and make way for creative storage ideas for Preps.

A member a while ago, suggested creating storage space along a living room wall by putting several rows of 10 inch or so, shelving along the wall, pushing the couch, etc. up against it, and adding pictures, vases, and decorative items to the top shelf. The shelving unit can be made out of easy to use, items like bricks and boards and covered with burlap, bamboo, or fabric to cover up the design, if desired. For the loss of 10-12 inches in a room, you get a lot of additional storage space.

I got rid of a foot stool and bought a large heavy duty plastic tub with a lid. I got a large plush pillow to fit the lid and then threw a colorful afghan over the whole thing. I now have extra storage sitting right out in the middle of the living room plus a comfy foot-stool.

I've found that during my initial preps, I found a lot of very old stuff that I was able to simply throw away, making quite a bit more space.

Extend your curtain rods beyond the width of the windows, and add floor-length curtain panels on either side. Stack canned goods on the floor behind the curtains. This is also a good place to store tall items like rolls of wrapping paper.

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