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kuidas öelda EI soovimatutele öömajaotsijatele

cureventsis käis arutelu, et kuidas selgeks teha ämmale vm kaugematele sugulastele, et sa ei taha neid oma koju kui pandeemia peaks käivituma

Jonesie kirjutas järgmist:

I have had friends want to come to my place after 9/11 in case of a terrorist attack.
I told them, fine. "But all my kids and their friends will be staying with me also. And my 3 cousins and an old aunt...and 3 babies. I just don't have the heart to turn anyone away for any reason.
So please bring all the food in your freezer, your canned goods and money, your bedding and mattress. The couch will be used by my 90 year old auntie. She is incontinent, so there will always be her undies hanging in the bathroom drying out. Baby diapers too. Hope you don't mind sleeping on the floor. It will be wall to wall sleeping arrangements. Probably will be upwards to 35 people on any given weekend. 15 or 20 during the week. Bring a carboard box to keep all your toiletries and other things in. Write your name on it. We will stack boxes along one wall.
There will be a 5 minute limit in the shower. And everyone draws numbers for the toilet."
Funny thing, every one of my friends said they always had another place to go to. And nobdy came to visit after that either.


ühelt poolt on mõistlik muidugi grupeeruda, teiselt poolt tuleb ka see enda jaoks läbi mõelda, keda sa oleksid nõus oma katuse alla võtma ja kellega oma varusid jagada

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