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1919a gripiravi homöopaatiaga

Favorite Remedies Used in Treatment of Influenza

The prevailing Influenza epidemic has given rise to much discussion regarding the methods of treatment by physicians, and the remedies employed therein. Methods of medication do not lie in the province of a pharmacist, but remedies are to pharmacy all-important.
It has been remarked that Eclectic physicians have exceptional confidence both in their process of medication and their medicines. With a laudable desire for information in this direction, many physicians are seeking authoritative information regarding the remedies used by brother practitioners. With the object of extending this information, as well as of serving the interests of inquiring physicians, we (January 1st) addressed a blank to a number of general practitioners known to rely on vegetable remedies, with a request that they reply to the following: 1. Please name six remedies that you consider essential in the treatment of influenza. 2. Name the one you consider to be most important. 3. Name the remedies you consider necessary in treatment of Pneumonia. 4. Do you use an application to the chest? If so, what do you employ? 5. Do you practice according to principles of Specific Medication? These reports, as received, were (without any exclusions) put into type for the purpose of tabulation, but are of such immediate interest as to warrant us in bringing them before a circle of physicians who, we feel assured, will appreciate the same. They are put into type in the order received. Respectfully, LLOYD BROTHERS. Cincinnati, February, 1919.

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