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mõned variandid veel..

cureventsi foorumist

one person, one month:
20 pounds rice (uncooked)
8 pounds dry beans,your choice, or equivalent in cans (1/4 cup dry=1 cup wet)
6 pounds fat (your choice, lard/veg shortening keep the best)
Personally, I would allow 1 onion a day, and 1 can of veg per day (30), but you might not be that nuts about onions.
Bullion or something to flavor the rice
This is just to get started.

Basic FEMA Family Unit
This unit will feed two column A persons and two column B persons (chart, above). Each Family Unit will include at least 900 lbs. of Wheat, 480 lbs. of Other Grains, 250 lbs. Legumes, 230 lbs. of Sweeteners and 40 lbs. of Salt with a little left over for one year.

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