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Why I'm not gambling with my life

I am not a gambler. I don't play the slots at Vegas, I don't buy lottery tickets, and I don't gamble with the safety of my readers when it comes to telling the truth about the bird flu virus. The truth is that this virus is one mutation away from becoming a global pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people around the globe. And yet most people do nothing to prepare.

Do not be caught unprepared. Start preparing right now, even if it means just filling empty 2-liter bottles with water and storing those in a closet. Remember, you'll need 2 - 3 gallons of water PER DAY per person just to survive. How much water do you have stored right now? The wrong thing to do is nothing. Do not let this "pre-panic" opportunity for calm preparedness slip by. Stay ahead of the crowd. Beat the rush. Start preparing today, just in case. It's like insurance. You buy insurance for your car. You buy it for your house or belongings. And if you're like most people, you probably even buy insurance for your body (health insurance). Insuring yourself against infectious disease only makes sense. Preparedness is cheap, but being caught unprepared can literally cost you your life. If this is all a false alarm, and bird flu never becomes contagious in humans, then you've wasted nothing, because now you're prepared for anything: Hurricanes, floods, power grid failures, tornados, earthquakes and civil unrest (LA Riots, remember?).

In other words, there's no downside to preparing. But failure to prepare could literally jeopardize your life (and the safety of your family). Besides, the U.S. government has already blatantly said it can't help you (read the NSPI report yourself to see). Don't even think of hoping to be saved by the National Guard. There simply won't be enough medicine, water or food to go around unless the outbreak is contained to a few local regions.

Fortunately, preparing is affordable and simple to do if you plan ahead. And once you're prepared, you can rest easy, confident that you are fully equipped to survive whatever natural disasters the world throws your way. It will make you feel safer and more secure. Don't be scared, be prepared!


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