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ühe fluwikie foorumikirjutaja mõtted, kuidas vältida nakkuse sattumist korterisse link

My proposals:

1 open the windows in bottom and top, this will create a drag that changes the air. A hot air-fan oven will also clean the air, and strengthen the drag due to heated air moves upward (chimney effect)

2 Make a disinfection mat, and place it by the main entrance. Use a cantina tray, place a towel or something spongy-like in it. Fill with bleach solution. ( 1ml bleach/ 1 liter water). Change solution everyday since bleach content is vaporizing. All entering must step in the mat.

3 Wash stair often with bleach solution. Don´t use vacum cleaner.

4 Place a dispenser with hand disinfectant near entrance. A spray bottle with alcohol 70–80% solution (isopropanol, ethanol, car window fluid, moonshine ;-) mixed with glycerin to prevent skin-dryness can be made very cheap. Even cheaper is concentrated carwindov fluid (ethanol, citrus perfume and small amount of ammonia). Paper-towels is not needed when using alcohol, it dries in seconds.

5 Place shoes and other clothing outside the flat. Using a thin rain suit is better, since it can be disinfected with bleach solution. Don´t spray clothes with alcohol, remember that it is highly flameble. Teach children about how to handle correctly.

6 Place a bucket with bleach solution to flush gloves, disposable masks, and to clean protection glasses, before disposing them or reuse. Don´t reuse masks after bleach treatment, it will destroy filter efiency. ( See reuse mask tread)

7 print and display posters on correctly removal of protection gear.

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