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pandeemiaplaani koostamise juhend infrastruktuurifirmadele

Planning Guide for Infrastructure Providers
eeskujulik uus-meremaa valitsus on koostanud juhendi oma infrastruktuuri ettevõtetele, kuidas pandeemiaks valmistuda :)
sobib kasutamist mõistagi ka teistele, aga erinevalt nööbipoest ja audiitorfirmast:D, on eesti energia, elioni ja tallinna vee töövõimelisus inimestele kriitiliselt oluline ..

Document Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
1. Introduction
2. Context
3. Pandemic Contingency Planning for Infrastructure Providers
3.1 Short, Medium and Long-Term Planning
3.1.1 Influenza Manager
3.1.2 Medical Advisor
3.1.3 Activation of Pandemic Continuity Plan
3.1.4 Communication with Staff
3.2 How Will Essential Business Activities Be Maintained?
3.2.1 Identification of Core People and Core Skills
3.2.2 Business Planning for Absence
3.2.3 Knowledge Management
3.2.4 Communications
3.3 How Might Shortages of Supplies Affect Business Operations?
3.4 How Can We Protect Staff and Visitors from Getting Sick?
3.4.1 Restrict Workplace Entry of People with Influenza Symptoms
3.4.2 Personal Hygiene
3.4.3 Workplace Cleaning
3.4.4 Air Conditioning
3.4.5 Increase Social Distancing
3.5 Managing Staff Who Become Ill at Work
3.6 Contact Management
3.6.1 Contact Definition
3.6.2 Contact Management Mandated by Law
3.7 Staff Travel
Example - Screening Checklist for Detection and Management of Suspected Pandemic Influenza Cases
Example - Notification Form
Example - Contact List
3.8 Personal Protection Equipment
Using Masks
Protective Barriers
3.9 Where Can We Find More Information?

Appendix 1: Background Information on Influenza Pandemic
Why Plan For Influenza Pandemic?
What Are the Symptoms of Influenza and How Is It Spread?
Is Medication Available to Prevent or Treat Pandemic Influenza?
Appendix 2: Ministry of Health Scenarios for Pandemic Influenza
Scenario 1 - Pandemic Disease Recognised Overseas
Scenario 2 - Cluster(s) in New Zealand
Scenario 3 - Severe Pandemic in New Zealand
Appendix 3: Pandemic Management Phase - Standard Planning Assumptions

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