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April 18, 2006 -- ABC announced its May Sweeps' bird-flu movie yesterday - which came as a complete surprise in a business nearly devoid of surprises. But that's just what the producers of "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America" intended. "We did that because of its topicality," co-producer Diana Kerew said.

"The world changes very quickly, and we wanted to make sure at the point we were ready to unveil [the movie] that we were accurate and up-to-date."

"Fatal Contact," airing May 9, stars Stacy Keach, Joely Richardson, Ann Cusack and Justine Machado in a tale of a worst-case scenario, if the bird-flu virus was transmitted to humans in America.

"We feel we're providing a level of awareness and we've gone to great effort to make sure the film is accurate," co-producer Judith Verno said. "We've included a lot of information we believe people need to know."

"We had wonderful consultants who were actually ahead of the [bird-flu] curve," Kerew said. "The way the disease popped up in China, then moved to Turkey and Africa, were things we already knew about."

"Our movie has a character who was in Iraq and got the bird flu there and survived - and, as we were shooting, the bird flu hit Iraq," Verno said.

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