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finantsturud mäletavad sars-i

Pandemic fears as bird flu kills seven of this man's close family
By Mark Henderson, Lewis Smith and Leo Lewis

enamus juttu siis sumatra klastrist, sh pilt ainsast ellujäänust haiglavoodis, aga üks huvitav lõik finantsturgude kohta

Reports and rumours of the outbreak caused chaos in financial markets and prompted a bout of panic-selling of currencies and stocks.

In a volatile day of trading on the Tokyo exchanges, the currencies of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore all sustained big losses as traders fled towards the perceived “safe haven” status of the US dollar.

“There is no way to look at this WHO inquiry and not be worried,” one Tokyo-based currency trader said. “These are markets that have lived through Sars and know very well the economic impact of potential pandemics. Even if the disease itself is contained, you get people cancelling important business trips, and tourism drops off a cliff.”

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